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Trademarks & Service Marks

In an economy largely driven by brand recognition, establishing and protecting company names and trademarks is critical. AdzPark has been at the forefront of trademark and unfair competition law, trying cases throughout the country and arguing them at all levels, including IPR tribunals.

In addition to litigation, Our experience includes searching and clearance; application and prosecution; licensing activities; due diligence in acquisitions; mediation and arbitration; and enforcement, along with international services provided in association with our global network of independent foreign associates.

AdzPark associates with Dejure trademark lawyers go beyond the protection and defense of trademarks to the broader field of unfair competition law. Such matters include trade dress infringement, false advertising, deceptive trade practices, misappropriation, passing off, defamation, right of publicity, parody, counterfeiting and related issues.

Trademarks & Service Marks

Our attorneys are at the cutting edge of Internet practice, dealing regularly with issues of meta tags, linking and pay for placement.

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