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Legal Processing Out Sourcing


Patents are the hallmarks of innovation. We, at AdzPark discern that patents are pivotal to an organization's growth in the present phase of knowledge based economy. Our team of patent attorneys and technical specialists in diverse fields comprehends the nuances of patent protection and collaborates with the clients to formulate an effective patent strategy. We provide comprehensive and end-to-end patent services including patent searches, patent drafting, patent prosecution and patent litigation.

Patents are techno-legal documents that need the assistance of an experienced patent attorney for their drafting and prosecution. Otherwise, the inventor might not be able to protect the invention in an effective manner. Before proceeding with drafting a patent application, it is essential to carry out a Novelty/ Patentability search to check if the invention is anticipated by any prior art. After ascertaining the novelty of the invention, the patent application can be drafted. Different countries have different requirements for a patent application. It is sensible to contact a patent attorney practicing in the country where the inventor chooses to apply for protection. We at AdzPark are having associates worldwide and inventor can chose us as a single point for filing patent applications in various countries.

  • State of the Art Searches
  • Novelty Searches
  • Validity/Invalidity Searches
  • Infringement Searches

  • Complete Specification Drafting
  • Claim Drafting
  • Patent Proof Reading
  • Patent Illustration
  • Office Action Responses

  • Filing of Provisional/Non-Provisional Applications
  • Filing of International Patent Application (PCT)
  • Publication of Patent
  • Examination & Preparation of response to Office Action
  • Contesting Pre-Grant Oppositions
  • Grant of Patent