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E-Learning Services

E-Learning Services

Adz Park is well equipped with professional teams to assist you in every phase of E-learning – CBT/WBT development, from instructional design to implementation.

Here, we create professional quality training programs by working close with your subject matter experts (SME) and design the apt templates that suit your need the best. While your SMEs concentrate on needs assessment and content development, Adz Park will Focus on course/media development, implementation and distribution. To make things easy for you, we design CD-ROM delivered training to facilitate individual training course. It can also be a supplement to an instructor-led course.

Adz Park modular development model creates the courses and develops them in the most economic way without any wastage of time. We specialize in making personalized templates according to the type and amount of information that has to be included in the course. We ensure that it suits the proposed delivery method(s).

The courses are designed to be flexible and it can be modified whenever necessary – be it content change or addition or removal of modules, guaranteeing speedy development at a very low cost.

Delivery Options– E-learning Solutions

Computer and web based training courses can be crafted to adapt to your needs in almost any configuration.

  • Separate CD-ROM – no reporting
  • CD-ROM with Simple Reports automatically e-mailed
  • Video incorporated CD-ROM – easy access to selected internet/intranet sites for dynamic contents
  • Networked solutions provide quick access to every member of the network and reports to central database
  • Internet courses providing worldwide access with simple e-mail reports
  • Worldwide access internet courses providing employees with interactive chat, video, and full course management and remote administrative features