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•Copyright is an automatic and unregistered right, copyright exists in almost everything "written down" and also to "artistic", "musical" or "dramatic works" - from books and "music recordings" through to "websites" and "software".

The IP team can provide expert advice on protection, ownership and licensing of copyright. Whether its ascertaining who owns the rights to a computer program, or advising on joint collaborations and licensing the intellectual property resulting, the team can offer specialist advice to fit any situation.

Areas of copyright expertise include advertising, the sale and acquisition of copyrights and property libraries, due diligence inquiries, moral rights and performance rights. Trademark issues can also arise in copyright contexts. Although a work might not constitute a copyright infringement, it might be a trademark violation. To address these issues, many of our copyright practitioners are dually trained in trademark law.

Our team brings solid technology and engineering backgrounds to their legal practices; therefore, the firm's copyright practice is particularly well-suited to attack and solve technology-related copyright issues arising in the context of trade secrets and computer software. Our clients are diverse and include television production companies, media conglomerates, publishers, telecommunications companies, software companies, celebrity personalities, in respect of use of photographs in catalogues, and in respect of layout of websites, use of proprietary software and infringement in customer lists. Whatever the issue, the IP team at AdzPark collaborated with Dejure Chambers can help.